The Transforming Evidence collaboration is a group of colleagues with a shared interest in how to produce and use evidence more effectively to address societal challenges. There is a lot of expertise and research evidence about how evidence is made and used, but this often stays in disciplinary and sectoral silos. We want to help the community of scholars, funders and practitioners/policymakers share their knowledge and expertise more effectively. We want to improve debates about, and research into what evidence is, how it is used, and the different meanings attached to these processes and outcomes.

Our aims:

  • Share existing knowledge and best practice about evidence use, drawing out key lessons from STS, public policy, development, health and beyond
  • Connecting communities across sectors and globally, to create networks and identify and address new questions
  • Working with decision-makers about how to make better use of evidence, building capacity and supporting creating use
  • Generating new research on evidence production and use, building on what we already know and ensuring transdisciplinary collaboration flourishes.

What we are doing to help:

  • We have collated key references proposed by our community of scholars, practitioners, funders and publics interested in how evidence is made, found and used.
  • We had an inaugural meeting in September 2018, funded by the Nuffield Foundation
  • Our special issue on ‘Making and Using Evidence’ is currently open for submissions
  • We are running a series of workshops to stimulate cross-disciplinary conversations, outputs and research programmes. If you would like to attend, or have an idea for a workshop, please get in touch.